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Kamagra soft chews
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Cheap Kamagra soft chews

Another popular new form of Kamagra is the soft chew. Kamagra soft tabs also contain 100mg of sildenafil citrate, but are more palatable - easier to chew and swallow. Again, they are ideal for patients who do not like physically taking pills. They work just as well because they contain the same chemical constituents. The only difference being that they are available in four different, chewable flavours.

Again, some claim they work more quickly, although these claims remain circumstantial.

If you are already taking or will be taking Nitrate based medicines then you mustn't use these tablets. (See the list below or consult a GP if you are unsure about what you are already taking).

It is best to take Kamagra chews with a glass of water about one hour before sexual contact, and their effects typically last betweem 4 and 6 hours.

Although prescriptions are not required, most people who order from us have already taken it on prescription, and/or have already received medical advice. Common sense precautions are advised. Please be aware of the contra-indications, and seek medical advice if you have any questions or uncertainties.

It is best not to take drugs or alcohol with Kamagra or Apcalis, and safe sex practices are always recommended, and this is why we also sell condoms for your convenience.

Click here to order Kamagra soft chews.