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Waiver of liability for the purchase of all products from KamagraLondon.com 


We reserve Kamagra stocks for regulars. All other orders are reviewed on their merits.


I hereby release the owners and associates of this website from any and all liability whatsoever associated or connected with my use and/or supply of Sildenafil, Tadalafil, and Vardenafil related products and compounds, and any other products sold via this web site.


Please note that we do not supply the USA and Canada, and that you are responsible for any tax and customs regulations which may apply in your city, state, country, or jurisdiction. If stocks are low we reserve the right to cancel your order or to offer a later delivery date.


Further. While I am aware that the products sold via this web site are available without prescription in many parts of Europe and the rest of the world, I nonetheless accept that I am responsible for any restrictions that may apply in my city, state, country, or jurisdiction. 


I hereby state that I am an adult and that I am aware of the potential side effects associated with all relevant products. I understand that no doctor, nurse, or administrative personnel can guarantee that these products, prescribed or not, will provide the results I seek.


Furthermore, I understand that even if prescribed, I may suffer from adverse side effects. I am also aware that I should seek medical consultation before taking any of the drugs sold via this web site.


I accept that I am purchasing at my own choice, at my own expense, and my own liability and assume all responsibility for my use of said drugs. I fully understand that it is my responsibility to have an annual health check, including any suggested laboratory tests, to ensure that I have no disease(s)/condition(s) which might make any of these drugs inappropriate for my use.


I further agree that I have consulted with my medical professional and hereby warrant that I am not taking any medications or combination of medications that are on the published list of medications which would make any of the drugs sold here contraindicated.


I further agree to immediately notify any medical professional whose present care I am under that I have chosen to take any of these drugs so that they may advise me to continue or discontinue their use.


In purchasing products from this website, you automatically Certify, Warrant and Agree that you are an adult over the age of 18 (21 in some states/countries/jurisdictions), and I'm under the care of a medical professional who has provided you with a prescription if necessary for any of the drugs sold on this web site.


You also understand that Erectile Dysfunction may be a symptom of an underlying physical problem.


You further certify that you are aware of and know of the effects of all said drugs, including the contraindications noted by the manufacturer, including but not limited to certain medical conditions and other medications for which they are or may be contraindicated.